The most valuable diversions while telecommuting

Remote work has seen a surge in popularity since 2020. While many employees appreciate the flexibility it offers, some companies are now urging their staff to return to the office.

One of the primary challenges faced while working from home is managing distractions. These interruptions, ranging from minor disruptions like answering phone calls to more significant diversions such as watching a favorite TV show episode, can significantly impact productivity. Nevertheless, studies indicate that remote work can boost productivity by nearly 7%.

Given the appeal of remote work, many individuals are seeking positions that offer hybrid or fully remote arrangements. Working from home grants employees the freedom to engage in a few beneficial—and even productive—distractions during breaks between tasks.

Worthwhile distractions

Before exploring the most beneficial distractions, it’s essential to understand why engaging in these activities can enhance overall productivity. While each distraction offers unique benefits, they all share a common factor that contributes to revitalizing workers.

This common factor is the sense of freedom experienced during a brief, relaxing break. Recent research indicates that taking short breaks of 10 to 15 minutes every hour can significantly enhance productivity compared to prolonged periods of continuous work on a single task.

These breaks provide workers with the opportunity to clear their minds and recharge before resuming their tasks. They serve as ideal moments to indulge in distractions. The key to maintaining productivity lies in limiting these distractions to short intervals, similar to a quick break in a traditional office setting.

Catch up on housework

One of the most gratifying distractions is attending to essential household tasks. Whether it’s unloading the dishwasher or tidying up the family room, tackling these chores in short bursts throughout the day can leave the house impeccably organized by day’s end.

Engaging in housework offers two additional advantages: Firstly, by addressing household tasks, workers can alleviate the mental burden caused by unfinished chores, enabling them to focus more on their work without worrying about pending tasks.

Secondly, a cleaner work environment can enhance concentration and efficiency. Workers are more likely to enjoy their work in a tidy setting and can locate necessary tools or files more easily, thereby boosting productivity.

Spend time with family

Organizations often advocate for workers to return to the office to mitigate distractions stemming from interactions with friends and family. These distractions can manifest in various forms, including phone calls, text messages, or family members seeking attention at home.

However, engaging with friends and family can serve as a valuable outlet for remote workers to fulfill their need for social interaction during the workday. In a traditional office environment, this need is typically met through interactions with colleagues or face-to-face meetings with clients.

Taking a few moments to converse with friends over the phone or interact with family members can help employees reset their focus and result in improved work performance. Moreover, the increased time spent with family fosters a sense of work-life balance, enhancing job satisfaction and motivating workers to perform more effectively.

Find forms of digital entertainment

While engaging in various forms of digital entertainment can serve as a tempting distraction during the workday, managing these distractions requires a higher level of willpower to establish time limits. However, indulging in digital fun can effectively alleviate stress, leading to increased inspiration for work.

Social media stands out as one of the most prevalent forms of digital entertainment utilized by workers during breaks. Whether watching amusing videos, catching up with friends and family, or sharing thoughts, it offers a means of relaxation.

iGaming services present another appealing option for digital entertainment. These platforms provide players with the opportunity to win prizes and are easily accessible across different devices, including smartphones, which can even serve as primary deposit options.

Streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Video also offer a plethora of entertainment choices. Nevertheless, exercising strict self-discipline is crucial, and workers should establish clear time limits for watching movies or series. Breaking down viewing sessions into shorter segments, like five- or ten-minute intervals, or focusing on a single scene at a time, can help maintain productivity.

Take a nap

Statistics indicate that nearly one in five people suffers from insufficient sleep at night. For adults under 64 years old, the recommended amount of sleep ranges from seven to nine hours to maintain optimal functionality and alertness. However, many people typically obtain only around six and a half hours of sleep per night, falling short of the recommended minimum.

This sleep deficit significantly impacts a worker’s cognitive abilities and effectiveness. Hence, incorporating a brief power nap into the day can greatly enhance focus and overall well-being. It is advised that these naps should not exceed 20 minutes, with 15 minutes being the ideal duration.

When incorporating a power nap into a break, it’s essential to minimize distractions. This can be achieved by activating “Do Not Disturb” mode on all devices and ensuring that household members are aware not to disturb you. Following the nap, the newfound boost in focus can be leveraged to resume work efficiently.